Franklin Agricultural Commission

Franklin AgCom

What is an Agricultural Commission (AgCom)??

-An AgCom, which is allowed under Massachusetts' law, is a standing committee of town government, created through a vote of Town Meeting and appointed by the Board of Selectmen or governing body of the town

-AgComs represent the farming community, encourage the pursuit of agriculture, promote agricultural economic development and protect farmlands and farm businesses, and preserve, revitalize and sustain agricultural businesses and land

Massachusetts Association of Agricultural Commissions (MAAC)

Franklin Agricultural Commission

-The local farming community in Franklin came together to form the Franklin Agricultural Commission

-The Franklin Town Council approved the Franklin AgCom in May of 2017 to promote, develop and foster agricultural resources in the Town of Franklin

-The Committee consists of 5 Members with 3 Year terms. (Members shall be residents of Franklin and at least 2 members shall be active farmers, employeed in an agriculture-related field or have experience and knowledge in agricultural practices or business)

-In March of 2018, the first members of the AgCom were sworn in

Chair: Carly Fisher

Vice Chair: Jeff Perry

Clerk: Marian Szymanski

Member: Linda Noel

Member: Roger Trahan

Associate: Tim Garboski

Associate: Nick Hoffman

What is the mission of the Franklin Agricultural Commission??

To support, promote, and enhance the long-term economic and environmental viability of Franklin agriculture.

What are the benefits of the Franklin AgCom??

-Helps to educate our community, including about normal farming practices

-Keeps the community updated on agricultural issues and events both locally and across Massachusetts

-Serves as a local voice advocating for farmers, farm businesses and farm interests

  • -Provides visibility and awareness for farming
  • -Serves as a resource on agricultural matters for all town boards and citizens
  • -Builds relationships and helps resolve farm related problems or conflicts
  • -Protects farmland and natural resources and helps to preserve green space

  • Massachusetts Association of Agricultural Commissions (MAAC)

    Franklin Agricultural Commission

    How can you get involved??

    -Attend Franklin AgCom meetings

    -Volunteer with the Franklin AgCom

    -Attend other town meetings when topics relevant to local agriculture are discussed

    -Support, visit, and shop at our local farms, farmer's market, and farm store

    -Stay tuned for upcoming events

    -Check for information on the website:

    -Follow the Franklin Ag Comm Facebook Page:

    Franklin Farming

    Clarion Farm

    Cook Valley Farm

    Fairmont Fruit Farm

    Franklin Agway

    Franklin Farmers' Market

    Franklin Honey Company

    Gianetti’s U Pick Blueberries

    Grateful Farm

    Hoffmann Farm

    Linda's Tomatoes

    Lunaria Farm

    Northeast Bees

    Painted Lady Farm

    Wadsworth Farm

    Woodcrest Farm

    STAY TUNED!!!!

    Want to know more???

    You can look forward to weekly flyers all summer!

    I'll be providing information on the Agricultural Commission, the local farms, all their wonderful products, the farmers' market, CSAs, and health and nutrition information.

    A Little About Me:

    This newsletter is part of my summer practicum project to complete my Master's in Public Health Nutrition from UMass Amherst. I am community member and a volunteer with the Franklin Agricultural Commission. I am passionate about eating fresh and local foods and I am excited to share information about our local farms and Agricultural Commission with you all summer.


    Jennifer Nicholls

    BS Nutrition

    MS Emergency Management

    MPH Nutrition (Pending)

    June 2018

    Vol 2