Baroque Period

Visual Arts

Defining Characterisitcs

  • Images were direct dramatic, and obvious
  • Emotionally Intense
  • Tries to draw the viewer in to participate in the scene
  • Vitality, granduer, and emotional exuberance
  • Depictions felt psychologically and physically real
  • Dramatic use of colors
  • Extravagant settings
  • Dramatic contrast between dark and light color
  • A common theme for this period for the artists was the miraculous moment where the divine met the earthly the sacred intruded upon the profane.

Relevant Time Frame 1600's - 1700's (Originated in Italy)

How Society Was Invovled

As the Baroque style spread to the North, it became popular at royal courts, where it symbolized the emerging power if the New Monarchies. Whenever it showed itself, the Baroque approach was likely to exhibit a combination of massiveness, power, dramatics, intensity, with pageantry, color, and theatrical adventure. This movement was encouraged by the Catholic Church, which was the most important patron of the arts at the time, being seen as a return of tradition and spirituality.