Ukraine Crisis

By: Jesus Hernandez Franco

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How did it begin?

The unrest began when the President Ukraine, Viktor F.Y. refused to join the European. Union. The people from Ukraine where furious because that was one of the big things he had promised. This took place in Novel ember 29th.

Who is Viktor Yanukovych?

Viktor Yanukovych was born July 9th in1950. He is Ukraine's politician who served as the President of a Ukraine from February 2010 to February 2014, a year short of the prescribed five-year term. He fled Ukraine because of many death threats. He was accused of mass murder and fled in a helicopter.

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Who are the protestors?

The protestors are the people of Ukraine. They are against the government and the president and plant in fighting for their civil rights. Their protest have gotten out of hand and many have suffered injuries.
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Why has the unrest escalated?

The protest are escalating due to the fled of the president. The other reason why is because the presidential elections are coming and everyone has a different has a different view of what they want the future to look like. As of result their isn't much control over the people and their way of expressing is through violence. Even now there are still attacks against the government and the protest don't seem to die down. Another reason why things escalated was thanks to Russia wanting to take over Ukraine. This puts a lot of pressure on people and is a reason why all of this is happening.
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How did Russia and the West contribute to the crisis?

The west and Russia protestors are trying to settle things. They are doing this by mankind sure to first push Russia out so that the country can have its freedom. The USA especially is supporting them because the people are fighting for their rights another old become a big ally alter in the future.

Predictions on the result of the Conflict

I believe that the nation is going to be saved by the USA because Russia wouldn't want to fight against the USA for just such small thing. Plus many other countries would join and fight back. After this happens Ukraine will follow a democracy government after the influence of the USA and a new president that will restore the economy will appear.