About Me

By Spencer Drumm

Descriptive word's about me











Pictures that make me happy and Show who i am

2 hobbbies

Drumming and Gaming

A video and sound feature by Mike Portnoy.

Mike Portnoy - Drum Solo / Testing New Drums

biggest influences on me

Youtuber's Such as Markiplier

My Mom

A Friend Named Scott



My favorite book and movie

Book - Ranger's apprentice

Movie - Fast & Furious

Socrates Quote

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Places I've Been That Have Impacted me

Florida - I got to be part of a drum circle.

Los Angles - I met a television Producer.

The Grand Canyon - I got to ride in a helicopter.

Las Vegas - I saw my first horror movie

Arizona Mountains - I went to my Aunt's wedding

Everglades national park - I got to hold an alligator.

Oklahoma - I got to drive an ATV.

Mississipi - I got an airboat ride

Alabama - I got to see The U.S.S Drum and U.S.S Alabama

San Antonio - I got to see The Alamo.

Houston - I went to the NASA space center.


Dreams? - I would love to go to space.

Philosophies? - I believe in Science.

What Do I Love /hate? - I hate it when people insult my family.I love New Mexico Where There is a desert that has no light for miles so when you look up you can see the arms of the galaxy.

What is my work ethic? - Just Do IT!!!!

What conflicts do i face? - Not Going Back to sleep in the morning.

What are my relationships like with friends? - I like to keep a small circle of friends.

What do I hide? - My anger.

What brings me pain or fear? - Friends betraying my trust.

What brings me happiness? - Friends...

What makes me laugh? - What makes you laugh? Jokes....that's what.

The Dream Theater Website

Where You can Find Mike Mangini's Work