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Principal's Corner

This past week we welcomed students back to school 4 days per week. It was the most students we have had in our building in over a year. I can't begin to describe how nice it was to see classrooms full of eager learners, friends connecting after time apart, and everyone fall back into "normal routines" like we never left. We heard from many students that they are glad to be back into the building on a consistent basis for a variety of reasons. We know that many of our students are remaining in distance learning too, and while we do miss seeing them at school, we know that many are thriving with a new approach that allows for more flexibility.

Now the focus is on ensuring students learn as much as they can as fast as they can. Students and teachers now have a set of skills and abilities they did not have in the past that we are hoping will accelerate learning and narrow gaps in access and achievement. We also know that in order to learn students need to be fed, have strong mental/emotional health, and feel safe in school settings. We will continue to address all of those areas daily. Also, teachers are planning to embed high impact strategies into daily lessons to take advantage of every moment we have with our students. And finally, our district is planning a variety of enrichment opportunities for students over the summer to address gaps in learning students may have experienced. Like we have for the past year, we will rise to the occasion to deliver a high quality education for every child.

Best wishes for a great week. Always forward. We Are Faribault!

Mr. Jamie Bente

Principal - Faribault High School

Upcoming Calendar; Important Dates

Thursday, April 8 - Accuplacer test for all interested 11th grader

Friday, April 9 - Last day of 3rd quarter

Tuesday, April 13 - ACT Makeup Day for any 11th grader who missed it

3rd Quarter Ends On Friday

Please look at the Parent Portal to make sure your child's grades are good and that they don't have missing assignments or tests in the gradebook. If they do, please make sure you talk to them about contacting teachers prior to the end of the quarter (which is at the end of this week) and completing all school work. If you don't have Parent Portal access, please request it by sending an email to portalhelp@faribault.k12.mn.us.

The School is Open on Wednesdays for Drop In Student Support

Distance Learners and In-Person Learners can come to the high school between 8:00-3:00 on Wednesdays to work in a quiet area, access the school's wifi, or work with an academic specialist on schoolwork. The RISE room is also open for any students to visit.

Virtual Homework Help Available on Wednesdays for All Students

On Wednesdays, students can enter g.co/meet/fhs-homework-help into any browser to be connected to an academic specialist that can support their learning for any class. This virtual homework help is available from 8:00-3:00 every Wednesday if students need support and can not come into the school.

Accuplacer Test Available For Juniors This Thursday

On Thursday, April 8th, all interested 11th graders will have the opportunity to take the Accuplacer exam. This is a test primarily taken by those interested in attending a two year college or trade school after high school. Testing will begin at 8:15 AM in the FHS media center and will take approximately 2 hours. Students taking the Accuplacer do not need to complete any registration information prior to testing. Students will report back to class once they are done testing

Ag Sales Team Takes 3rd Place in Regional Competition

Congratulations to the FHS Ag Sales team for placing 3rd in the region Ag Sales competition last week. Hannah Wetzel, JoHanna Gehrke, and Karly Flom did a great job representing Faribault. The team is advised by Ag teacher, Madeline Schultz.

Leadership Classes Available For All Students Interested in Leadership

The Faribault High School Activities Office will be offering 6 sessions of Student Leadership classes again this spring. This opportunity is specifically designed for student-athletes who desire leadership roles on athletic teams including Team Captains. All students at FHS are welcome to attend.

The first class met last week. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 7 from 10:00 - 11:00 AM in the FHS Cafeteria. If interested in participating, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/LeKyFQYwrtH7EeCZ9.

Spring Sports Have Started!

Video Series To Help All of Us Address Grief, Loss, and Trauma

With the COVID-19 outbreak and efforts to limit its spread, many children, parents and caregivers, teachers, and others are facing increased and unexpected stress. This creates complications with self-care and emotional health. In an effort to support those who are impacted by this difficult time, Rice County Trauma Project partnered with Advanced Trauma Consulting to create a series of short videos to address the topic of grief, loss, and the traumatic impact of the pandemic.

Click here to see the video in English

Click here to see the video in Spanish

Click here to see the video in Somali

Click Here To View Grief, Loss & Attachment Video

The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us in different ways. If you have experienced grief, loss, or trauma please watch this video from the Rice County Trauma Project. It may be helpful for you.

March Students of the Month Recognized For Their Accomplishments

LiveMore Today Weekly Parent Tip: LISTEN, LEAD, LIMIT, LOVE

We know this past year has not been easy, for anyone, but you showed up in the best way you could. You have been a source of strength for your kids through the pandemic. Recently, one Faribault high school student told us about the comfort her mom provides her by listening. In particular, getting out of the house and going on a walk is where the daughter feels heard by her mom. Another student shared the importance of her dad taking time to have lunch with her and how good that time together felt during her isolation from her peers.

LiveMore's 4-tiered parent framework, Listen, Lead, Limit, Love, begins with listening. We encourage parents to take time to listen to your child's feelings regarding screen use. You might ask what apps your child uses the most and then follow up with how the app- Snapchat/Instagram/TikTok/etc - makes them feel. Identifying those emotions and finding ways to navigate complex feelings are important and lifelong skills. (Side note: Asking what apps you like or use is a different question from how does using the app make you feel.)

You can also lead by sharing your feelings. One of our YouthCouncil members talked about feeling relieved when her mom decided to get off Facebook. Her mom shared with her that she realized her compulsive use of Facebook was affecting her mental state. Since her mom shared her feelings about her Facebook use, her daughter felt validated to attempt to limit her social media as well.

We believe all adults, not only parents, have an important role to play in supporting the digital wellbeing of our young people. Let's all commit to listening, to asking about feelings associated with social media, and to sharing our own feelings and struggles with 24/7 digital connection. Most importantly, let's continue to show our love.

Believe it or not, teens still listen to their parents more than anybody else, including their friends. In a survey on underage drinking, teens reported that parental disapproval is the #1 reason they choose not to drink. Talk to your kids about alcohol. They really do hear you.

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