Antonie van Leeuwenhoek


1. It is the study of viruses, fungi and algae, parasites, nematodes, and bacteria.

2. There are two different microbiology branches: eukaryotic and prokaryotic.

3. Microorganisms were theorized before they were actually discovered.

4. Consists of many different types of microbiology fields, such as medical microbiology, pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural, etc.

5. The medical field of microbiology has improved since the discovery of microorganisms.


Oct 24, 1632 - Aug 26, 1723

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He is the first microbiologist known and was referred to as “the Father of Microbiology” because Antonie was the first person to view a bacterium underneath a microscope. Changes were made to the microscope by Antonie as he used it more often.

Early Life

Antonie was born in Holland, in the city of Delft, in October of 1632. His father was a basket maker and his mother came from a successful brewer’s family. Not much else about his personal life is known, except that he went to school near Leyden before he went to live with his uncle in Benthuizen. He was also an apprentice for a linen-draper’s shop at the age of 16.


Antonie grew fond of creating lenses. With his fascination for lens-making and interest in microscopes, he invented microscopic lenses for the microscope.


1. Antonie had control over microscopic research as well as discovery. (At the end of 17th century)

2. He discovered the cell's vacuole. (1676)

3. Discovered banded muscle fibers. (1682)