The Night She Disappeared

By:Jesus Garrido

Settings &Main Characters

First, Kayla Cutler was where she works at,which is at "Pete's Pizza."The story also took place in the woods. I've never been in a place like that and I would never go to a place like it, because it's creepy and nobody would be to save you.

Also Kayla Cutler,Drew,and Gabie are the main characters and they all know each other because they have the same job. Drew is best friends Kayla and Gabie is the quiet one at work but then cares for Kayla.

Other Characters & Dislike/Like Characters

Alice Russo and Cody Renfrew are other characters from the story.Alice Russo is a character that is a witness from the van that took Kayla.Cody Renfrew is actually the one that kidnapped Kayla.

In my perspective I like the characters Kayla,Drew,and Gabie.I like Kayla because she is the brave one to go out there and look for the fake address.I also like Drew and Gabie because they are the brave ones for taking a risk of finding Kayla.I don't like Cody Renfrew because he kidnaps people like Kayla.

What happened in the beginning of the story?

First,This guy came into Pete's Pizza where Kayla,Drew,and Gabie worked.So the guy asked if the delivery girl was still delivering and Drew answered "Yes." So the guy ordered and gave a fake address ,and a fake name. Kayla went to deliver the pizzas and never came back. The next morning Gabie came up to Drew and told him he heard about what happened to Kayla. After Drew and Gabie about what had happened to Kayla weather she got kidnapped , killed , or if she even ran away.So Drew told Gabor to not freak out if they call him to the principles office and see the police officer in the office. So tell the truth about what you know about Kayla .

What happens in the middle of the book?

Next they find out that Kayla been kidnapped and they found in her pants a note that said "I'm Kayla Cutler and my family I love them." Also Gabie and Drew decided to look for Kayla. Also there was an unknown caller that called and said that Cody Renfrew was the one that kidnapped Kayla because his van looked like the one that kidnapped Kayla . Cody actually made it suspecious about him painting his van.

What happened at the end of the book?

Last, Drew and Gabie found Kayla in a secret ditch in the woods and actually Cody Renfrew kidnapped Kayla. Also Cody tryed to scare and shoot Drew and Gabie with a BB gun. For them not to take Kayla and report him.

What was the problem and how was it solved?

The problem of the story was about Cody Renfrew kidnapping Kayla. The problem was solved by Drew and Gabie which went to go look for Kayla.

What did you learn from the story?

I learned that once you can't find the thing you looking for then just stop because you never know what could happen.

Theme / Main Idea

The main idea is a life lesson and It says make good choices of following paths.

Did you like the story?

Yes I liked the story because it was almost like an action,mystical, and scary story which are my favorite themes of books.