panda bear

an amazing animal

written by: Adi and Magen , grade:7

fact file:

name of animal: panda bear

it lives: China

it can: He can do a nice facial expression like a baby

it cannot:Animal Scramble

interesting facts about the animal: Endangered pandas

describe the animal

The length of the Panda is 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters from snout to tail, weighs 165-75 pounds, her black, body black and white when the head is white except for ears black eyes surrounded by dark spots like glasses. The giant panda has a special foot with a thumb and five fingers. The "thumb" is actually the very root of the expansion of the foot.

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we think the panda bear is unique because he is cute and not much see it.

he is very beautiful

The panda and the bear.

The panda and the bear have fur

Both oils.

Both have small ears.

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Would you like this animal as a pet?

Yes, that really cute pandas and hold it seemed fun!