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Message from Dr. Long

Dear Parents,

Sometimes being a leader is tough. I tell new leaders that 90% of the decisions they will face are pretty easy and everyone would make pretty much the same decision, but it is that last 10% that will define you as a leader. Those are the tough decisions. The school shootings and subsequent walk out protests posed some of these decisions that kept me up at night. Of course, virtually everyone wants safe schools. However, deciding how to best support the students who wanted to have a voice while keeping the school safe posed some challenging questions. I think we have sent home enough information about the walk outs and how the school and district intended and ended up handling them. However, looking back at it, I just want to point out what an honor it is to work with these students. The weeks leading up to the walkout, I had the chance to spend many hours working with student leaders and watch them grow as they planned for the event. Even in moments when they were somewhat let down, they showed their character. Then on the day of the event, I watched some new leaders emerge. These kids obviously chose to get some consequences, but they handled themselves with control and respect. Overall, I can't tell you how much I admire the kids who felt passionately about this issue. Too many adults are apathetic and disillusioned with the democratic process and sometimes I find myself in that group. If we could all be a little more like these student leaders, I think the world would be a better place. Thank you for sending us such great kids.

Dr. Bryan Long


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Coming Up This Semester

3/15 :: East Gwinnett College Fair at DHS

3/17 :: Miss Dacula Pageant

3/19 :: Dacula Cluster International Night

3/27 :: 9th, 10th, 11th Parent Meeting

4/1 to 4/8 :: Spring Break

4/12 :: Dacula Cluster Chorus Concert and Food Drive

4/13 :: Powderpuff Football Game

4/14 :: Campus Clean Up Day Volunteer Event

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