Hixson Happenings

43rd Issue, August 17, 2020

Welcome Back Slide Show

Please take a moment to view a short slide show that includes photos of Hixson teachers who just wanted to say hello to you and spread some joy about the upcoming school year! In addition, we just want to say thank you to our families for your flexibility and patience as we work through these difficult times.

Materials Pick Up: August 19, 2020

Materials pick up will take place on Wednesday, August 19 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We will be issuing schedules and planners, math textbooks (Math 7, Math 8, Algebra 1, Geometry), instruments, supply boxes (for those who ordered one), FACS materials, Art materials, SSD materials (Wilson materials, corrective reading materials, sensory/therapeutic supplies), and collecting overdue library books. We will have stations set up along the circle drive. To access the circle drive, you will need to drive through the S. Elm lot and follow the road to the back of the school. Then, make a right into the circle drive and stop at the stations to get your materials. Our process will be similar to curbside service. Please stay in your car, roll your window down, and we will hand you your materials through your rolled down window. If there is a station that doesn’t apply to your child, simply drive slowly past that station. Every family should stop at the Schedules & Planners and Math Textbooks stations since all students need these items. These two stations will be first and second in line.

To avoid traffic back-up on S. Elm, we ask that you drive west on Ambrose Way, make a right into the S. Elm parking lot, and follow the road back to the circle drive. Please click on the link below to view the directional map for Materials Pick Up Day.

Hixson Directional Map for Materials Pick Up

Student Log in Information & Canvas Info

In order for students to log-in to any Webster Groves School District website, please use the following log in information:

username: (first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name, 6 digit birthdate)

password: lunch PIN number (length of lunch PIN varies by students)

Here's an example of what your log-in information could look like:

Name: Shenita Mayes

username: sm082320

password: 123456

If you need help with Canvas, please click on the link below.


Student schedules will be viewable in the student and parent portals at noon on August 17, 2020. A printed copy, along with our daily schedule (included below), will be provided to you on our Materials Pick Up day on August 19th. If your child is newly enrolled, he/she may not have a complete schedule yet, but will have one by the end of the week.

While we are able to offer all of our elective classes in both the Responsive Plan and the Virtual Program, the number of sections in each are limited. Therefore, many students had to be scheduled into their alternate choice elective class.

If you have questions regarding your child’s schedule, please contact your grade-level counselor:

7th Grade - Sarah Bodi



8th Grade - Erica Blanks



Please be detailed in your message and email so that they are able to determine possibilities before responding to your inquiry.

Viewing Schedules on the Portal

To view your student schedule, you must log in to the parent or student portal. To log in to the parent portal, visit: https://sis.webster.k12.mo.us/wg/parent

Once you are on the dashboard, click the button that says “student schedule.'' Underneath the student’s identifying information, click on the dialog box next to the word view and select “All”. You will now see the student schedule for both first and second semesters.

You will find the team your child is assigned to in the last column on the right.

In the first column on the left, you will find the lunch your child is assigned. Due to the limitations of our system, some students may find they have been assigned two lunches. 7th grade lunches are Lunch A and Lunch B. 8th grade lunches are Lunch C and Lunch D. If there are two lunches listed on a student’s schedule, he/she should go to the lunch that is associated with the grade level. However, while we are in virtual learning, ALL students will have the same lunch period (12:25-12:55).

Big picture

Virtual Open House: August 19, 2020

The Hixson staff is working together to create a virtual interactive map of the building that will include a video from each teacher. Parents and students should watch the videos of the teachers they’re assigned to, and other videos that interest them as well. In the videos, teachers will introduce themselves and talk briefly about curriculum, homework, grading, and other important information related to the class. The interactive map will also include videos from the administrators, PTO, counselors, nurse, food service, and construction photos. There will also be a virtual escape room for parents and students to enjoy! We will release a link to the interactive map in the morning on August 19, and notify parents when it is ready to view.

Hixson Library

We still have over 500 Library books checked out to our students from last school year! Mrs. Tumminello sent out a reminder email on Wednesday August 5th to students who still have books checked out in their names. Please return your overdue library books on Materials Pick Up Day!


Below is a link to the technology support ticket system we are utilizing to help give our learners and families the most efficient system to help us keep track of technology support requests. Use this site to submit when you are having technology difficulties with your child's equipment/access/accounts/etc.


Meal Pick Up Information

Click the link below to access information regarding Webster Groves School District meal pick up.