Brittany Reed


Socialist Countries invest more power in the political socialist economies, on the other hand, would be more likely to feature greater control by government, which tends to put political aims -- a more equal distribution of society's resources, for instance -- ahead of profits.

Free enterprise

Sweden is under the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, which actively lobby's' for pro- business interest. The organization also allows private enterprises to take over larger production of services today such as school, and health care. This also means it only allows for certain businesses to have a say in what other countries do. The USA however, operates in Free Enterprise where business may preform and produce whatever they like without the government taking control of what and who runs what

Current Issues

Sweden people are facing a huge problem with their economy as they are paying extremely high income taxes, income has lowered, Tsunamis, and may people feel neglected by their politicians. The USA does have a income tax but not extremely high and as a country we do not feel neglected by our politicians.

Buying Habits

Swedish consumers price is followed by quality. It is very important for them to obtain information before buying something, especially as regards consumer durables. Other major factors when choosing are value for money, the salesperson's know-how, and after sales services. A large proportion of the population is connected to Internet, and it is used frequently to obtain information as well as to make a purchase. This can relate to the USA when we look and review product quality on the internet through reviews and such, but when it comes to purchasing we don't involve money value and a Sales person know-how as we have a set price and same currency for everything
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