7th Grade Party

Math Project

Part a: Grab Some Grub

To make the equations I had to know what the initial fee was. Then I had to find out what the price per person was.

The amount of people where both restaurants cost the same amount of money is 54 people. It is not possible to have a decimal because you cant have a fraction of a person.

If the school was on a 1,000 dollar budget, 98 students could come if they used burger bonanza and 101 students could come if you used pizza palace. It would be impossible to have a decimal because you cant have a fraction of a student.

If you were to pick a restaurant to bring the food to the party you would want to do 54 students or less for burger bonanza to get the better deal but 55 students or more for pizza palace.

Part b: Bounce House

To create each equation I had to multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours and then add the set up fee.

When both companies are at 4 hours both companies will cost the same (300 dollars)

If the school only has a budget of 750 dollars hoppin around would be able to stay for 10 hours and jumpin jacks will be able to stay for 12.3 hours. Yes there could be a decimal because you can have a fraction of an hour.

If you want to have the better deal you would want to pick hoppin around if you only want the party to be 4 hours long. but if you want the party to be more than four hours then you should pick jumpin jacks.