Whats important to me

Morgan Higgins

3 Things That Are Important To Me

Some things that are important to me include... Tumbling, Religion, and Fishing. Tumbling is a very important hobby to me. Because it helps me get ready for cheer season, and it helps me get in shape and get stronger. Also religion and fishing are an important part of my life. Religion is important to me because i am a very religious and christian person. And fishing is on of my most favorite hobbies because it is so relaxing and i good way to spend my free time. Tumbling, Religion, and Fishing all are important to me and play big rolls in my life.


Gymnastics Tumbling


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Divergent The Movie

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  1. tumbling- cheerleading, i started tumbling to help me improve in cheerleading.
  2. Religion- i grew up in a christian home.
  3. fishing- my dad always takes me and its a gret way to relax and just have fun.
  4. Alaska- i have an uncle who lives there and he loves it and i guess that made me want to live there.
  5. divergent- i saw the movie and i loved it i cant wait for the second one.