East Side Faculty Meeting

January 13, 2016


Introduce Mr. Figirova- Duties on campus


Kahoot It

Using your iPad, go to kahoot.it in your web browser

Type in the game pin and click Enter

Enter a nick name for yourself

Wait to play the game

~Email Mrs. Claxton if you would like to utilize this in your classroom!

Seesaw- Student Driven Digital Portfolios

See Saw- Free App on iPads

Free for teachers- http://web.seesaw.me/

Organized classes and folders for teachers

Increases student engagement

Can be used during center time

Increases parental involvement

Allows parents an opportunity to see what students are working on at school

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Super Sharks

For my principal certification class, one of my assignments was to develop and implement an ongoing plan to acknowledge, recognize and celebrate the contributions of students, staff, parents and community members. Mrs. Marroquin and I visited about this and she agreed to let me initiate the "Super Shark" program.
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How it works:

Super Shark awards will be available to all staff members. Staff members are encouraged to carry them with them when they are walking down the hallways, when you are in common areas, such as the gym or cafeteria and in the classroom.

When you see a student doing something you want to praise them for, simply sign your name on the Super Shark award (I suggest signing 5-10 each week so that they will be ready) and put the students name and why they are receiving the award on it.

Give the Super Shark award to the student, the rest is their responsibility.

The student will then be required to fill out the remainder of the award and during lunch that day or the following, they will take the bottom portion of their award and put it in their grade level "mail box" which will be located in the cafeteria.

Each Friday, names will be drawn from each grade level mail box and staff mail box and announced during morning announcements. Those students will get to come to the office to go to the office goody box.

This will take the place of sending students to the office goody box during the week- they will receive a Super Shark award instead.

The names that are drawn will be taken out of the box, but if a student's name isn't drawn that week, it will remain in the mail box until it is drawn. So each week the names continue to accumulate.

Teachers, if your name/class is drawn, you will receive a blue jean coupon.

Parents and Community members will be chosen monthly and will be notified that they received a Super Shark award and will have their name/ business name and picture posted on a bulletin board in the front office, as well as submitted to the Palacios Beacon.

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TELPAS- Mrs. Vasquez- January 27th

2016-2017 Budget- Reduce by 10%

Science Extravaganza/Open House/Star Gazing Night

March 1st ~ 6:00-8:00 p.m. please mark your calendars! We hope many will plan on attending! There will be many fun activities planned for this night. More information to come.


Coaches must attend unless you have communicated with Amy

Failures- TIERS

Communicate with parents about retention's- DOCUMENT!! Document!! Document!!

After School Tutoring

Need to know when and who

Benchmark Test

Strict Procedures must be followed!

No cell phones, computers, magazines, no grading papers, etc, anywhere!

Theme Ideas for Next Year:

08-09: "Soaring to New Heights"

09-10: "Get In the Game- Team East Side"

10-11: "Wild About Learning"

11-12: "A STAAR is Born"

12-13: "Rising to the STAAR"

13-14: "Dive into Learning"

14-15: "Preparing for the Future: Career Ready"

15-16: "Building Promising Futures"


Writing Prompts

Stress Expository Writing!


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