FLEX Picture Day Reminder

Social Distancing Plan for Picture Day

1. Please arrive at your scheduled time.

2. All pictures will be taken outside under a covered area.

3. Parents will drop off their student at the designated drop off spot (please see map below).

4. If you need to walk with your student please park in the parking lot.

5. Student's /adult's will wear masks and remain 6 feet apart while waiting.

6. Masked BSD staff will walk students to the designated picture area.

7. Hand sanitizer will be available.

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You have the ability to order pictures online by visiting dorianstudio.com and searching for your school’s name. Your online order can be placed before and up to four (4) days after picture day.

Los padres pueden ordenar fotos en línea en dorianstudio.com buscando el nombre de su escuela. Su pedido en línea se puede realizar antes y hasta cuatro (4) días después del día de la foto.

After the 4-day grace period expires, a personalized access key will be sent home with picture delivery. A $7 shipping and handling fee will be added to all orders made with a personalized access key and orders will ship directly to your home.

DESPUÉS DE QUE EXPIRE EL PERÍODO DE GRACIA DE 4 DÍAS: Un código de acceso personalizado le será enviado a su hogar con sus pedidos. Estas órdenes incluyen una tarifa de $7 de envío.

Picture Day Details

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 3-6pm

Timberland School

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 9am-2:30pm

Timberland School

650 NW 118th Ave

Portland, Or. 97229

If you have not yet scheduled a picture day appointment please click on the link below:


If your 6th-12th grade student wants an ID card then they need to have their picture taken at picture day.

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