The Hammerhead Titanothere

Discovery of the Massive Hammerhead Titanothere

What does this beast look like?

  • It is mostly grey including spots with purple and blue.
  • It is hexopodal meaning that it has six legs. Three on each side.
  • The breathing system is located on the side of the neck where there is one on each side.
  • It is a heterotroph. It eats mostly plants like leaves and other things hey can find on Pandora.

What do they eat?

  • It is a heterotroph. It eats mostly plants leaves and other things they can find on Pandora. It in unknown exactly what their diet was but we know that some of it is plants they find around.

These are some pictures that we have collected of these beasts.

They are definately a unique creature. A one of a kind that will blow your mind!

Where was it found and who found it?

  • The Titanothere was found on the planet Pandora In the giant trees that cover the planets surface.
  • It was found by Jackenson Termones when she was exploring the harsh terrain on the planet.