Technology class

by: John golla


* I learned how to type a lot faster

* It helped my type without looking at the keyboard as much.

* we typed for 5 minutes every day


* It helped me find more things out in the imovie app

* I learned how to edit beater

* You had to make your own videos and photoes

Haiku Deck

*It helps you learn to make good presentations

*You learn how to use the website

*We presented in front of the class

Explain Everything

*You learn more things about the app

*We had to do math problems

*I learned how to upload things from explain everything to schoology

Career Locker

*we looked at our dream jobs

*You have to do a project

*I learned how much it is to go to different colleges


* You watch coding videos to help you

*We played lots of games on the website

*I learned lots of things about coding