The Color Purple

By: Rachel, Brianna, & Mickey


This book is about a young girl named Celie who started writing letters to God about her life. She grew up in a cruel home with a sick mother, a young defenseless sister, and an abusive father. She knew how to stand up for her sister, but she could not defend herself. She had two children by her father, and they were taken from her. Throughout her whole childhood she was pushed around. Even after her father sold her to another man, she was still treated poorly.

Celie's experience with Pa and Mr.____ gave her a bad view of men. She was always abused and wished for a way out. She took interest in a female singer named Shug Avery, and when Shug moved in with Celie and Mr.____ , Celie's attraction for Shug only grew. Celie's heart was broken many times because of the way Shug felt for other people (especially men). Finding out that her sister Nettie was still alive and writing letters, made Celie have some hope.

As the book continues, readers can see how much Celie grows, and how independent she becomes. Celie discovers her talents and her own self confidence. Though she is self-reliant, her relationships grow with each of her friends and family. Many tragedies happen but also many moments of joy and success occur. By the end of the book you learn how Celie's life falls into place, and how her abusive childhood helped her become the independent woman she always wanted to be.


Book Review

Pros: This book was a great book about standing up for yourself. The story is touching and inspiring. It also teaches you about what the blacks had to go through. It is an educating book.

Cons: Its for mature readers. At times it was hard to read and understand it because they worded things differently than what you would say today.

Rating: We rate this book a 4/5


Early Life

Nettie and Celie lose their mom at a very young age. Their Pa needed money so he sold Celie to Mr.___.
The Color Purple (Part 1) Beginning

Nettie Stands Up For Herself

Nettie has always had a rough life. She has always been told what to do, and she never defended herself. Finally, she stands up for herself.
The Color Purple (4/6) Movie CLIP - Celie Stands up to Albert (1985) HD


After so many years of being apart, Nettie and Celie meet again.
The Color Purple (6/6) Movie CLIP - Reunited (1985) HD

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