A Holiday with Symbolic Foods and Rituals


Passover Overview

Passover is a seven or eight day festival. On the first two days there is a feast and for the seven or eight days you eat nothing that is leavened, which means nothing that rises when baked or cooked, etc. There are 14 steps in the ritual of the feast's.

image citation: The White House is celebrating Passover. they are doing the ituals and praying.

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Seder Plate

There is a seder plate which ties into the 14 steps to remember the passover story. The matza, to the side of the seder plate, symbolizes how fast the jews had to leave. On the seder plate the roasted bone and hard boiled egg stands for the offerings we used to bring to the holy temple. The horseradish root and romaine lettuce stands for the bitter times. The mixture of chopped apples, walnuts, etc. represents the brick and mortar. Lastly The vegetable we dip in the salt water represents the tears and cries.

Some Passover Foods