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The curse of evil : 8 April 1348

Daily strike

Right now, the Black death has strike he town of Bristol and hitting the coast of Malta, bringing the seeds of hell to the Italians. Right now the death toll is estimated 100,000 people across the western world. Right now the plague is believe to be heading over to Zurich, Swistzerland

What cause this horrible disease?

There are many theories to what cause the plague:

Cats and dog are believe to have caused these hellish scheme over the western territories so they are killed over town by towns. Other possibilities are of the gods, punishing this unforgivable curse upon humanity.

The most suspicious theory is of nature. We are not sure if it is nature that sprung disease up . We interview Mr.Brisknu Takawan who was climbing in the in the Himalaya and he said that" there was a boom and the ground exploded".

Different types of Disease

There are two types of the disease.

"The first type" said the Guy De chauliac " is the bubonic plague which grows mountains of buboes that are greyish round filled with pus liquids".

The second of the type is the Newmonic plague which effect your lungs a lot. It makes you couch, which isn't serious but kills you in 2 days time!!

Interview from John d'e veilla, a victim of the curse

He said that " this is really bad, sleeping with pain all day in the house looking like the odd one out." His wife Elise mentioned that " I had to keep the window shut all day and stay out of the room, hoping not to be infected". The reason she said this is because the disease is contagious and can effect anyone anytime. From the word of our reporter : James d'e van Druke.


Apothecary of different town tried to create cures for people who are suffering. The apothecary of Glasgow said he tried herbs and using black pus to cover buboes. He failed to cure the patient but tell people that it was from cats and dogs. The reason in that when they arrive from ports of the world, the plague started back in Sicily.

Feeling depress, are you infected?

Try these few tips:

  • Sit in a sewer, the plague wouldn't bother you at all
  • Crush emeralds to smithereens and swallow them ( for rich people only)
  • Kill all the cats and dog in town
  • sit by 2 large fires
  • March around town and wipe yourself like the flagellants
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A picture of a wagon in Sounthampton, England. Many of these wagons are seen in Europe.

The next?

What will happen? will everyone perished? will humanity end?. From the word of Jacob Bushwan, the lord of Germany, in Stuttgart said that " one day, this'll be over and god would forgive of our terrible sins" others such as Gabrielle la commentze of Valleta said that ' mens, children and women burning from the poisonous arrows that shot through the skies, will never end.

Medical supplies here!

We sell amazing stuff that will chill down your pain:

  • Put chicken butts on your buboes, they'll sure suit you out
  • Crush sapphire and emeralds ( daily service at your door for another 5 pence)
  • The doctor set ( comes with a magpie beak and some protective cloths)


Thanks to these following people for the news:

Tanyawat Chawantanpipat, manager of the crusade daily

Jon ga siva for the printing press

Vlodstokvida gjeldbolov for the cures

James d'e van Druke for the victim interview

Giscaaladi d'e milglanjevli for the editorial office

Adolf bluustrager for the pictures

and finally Joshua nervoslas, leader of the medical supply in Sicily

mysif de struaten- chief reporter

Dead or alive ?

These are the number of people registered from yesterday:

Josh Ribocas- dead

De'lavan van jacob-dead

Gabriell audix- dead

Anna wrenthing- alive