March 20, 2015

Inclement Weather Make-Up Plan

Before you read all the nuts and bolts details below, let me cut to the chase and let you know what it is you really want to know - AT THIS TIME, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO RETURN TO WORK FOLLOWING MEMORIAL DAY!!


  • All employees working less than 12-months will make up the days missed due to the inclement weather last month (February 17 and 25) - 12-month staff must claim time for any full or partial days missed due to the inclement weather.
  • All staff working 174-days through 200-days will make up the first missed day on Friday, March 13. These employees will need to work with their principal or program manager to claim or make-up the additional day (8 hours), prior to June 30, 2015.
  • All staff working 210-days through 230-days were already scheduled to work on Friday, March 13. These employees will need to work with their principal or program manager to claim or make-up the additional 2 days (16 hours), prior to June 30, 2015.
  • Time may be either made-up through working additional hours, adhering to FLSA regulations, or claiming personal leave for the hours missed.
  • The 2014-15 work calendars have been extended to include the required make-up days. If an employee is claiming personal leave, the leave should be applied for the make-up day(s) at the end of the work calendar.

Make-up time should be completed on or before May 22 in a manner that supports both our district's e-CLASS initiative and the Camp Creek ES LSPI.

We will be adhering to “virtual” professional learning activities that include use of and training in district online resources.

Examples of these virtual PL activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhancement and/or development of eCLASS C&I tool course pages
  • Faculty discussions of professional learning content through eCLASS C&I School Training page or School Collaboration Community;
  • Participation in online courses associated with the Gwinnett Teacher Effectiveness System available through the PD&E tool;
  • School and/or district created online courses via the PD&E tool;
  • Lesson planning with a tool on the Quality Plus Teaching Strategies Digital Guide;
  • Reviewing and planning instruction with videos on Teacher Connection.
  • Activities should produce a work product as documentation of completion.
  • Research/literature reviews and book studies should include collaboration and/or discussion opportunities (either on site or through virtual tools like Discussion Forums).

A district report will be run on May 22 to see HOW MANY teachers have 100% completed eCLASS C&I course pages - THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY AS YOU WORK TO MAKE UP THE 8 HOURS.

  • We will work to put together some after school opportunities for those who would like assistance while completing eCLASS course pages that can count as part of the 8 hours of make-up time.

  • Those who choose to work independently will need to document hours spent on eCLASS C&I course page development.

  • Those who already have a fully developed eCLASS C&I course page should choose from the additional eCLASS options listed above, with a work product as documentation of completion.

Classified staff can make up hours during Spring Break or in the Summer - we will need lots of help with textbooks, bookroom, etc and can count this toward the make-up hours to be completed by June 30.

A follow-up email will be sent that includes the Inclement Weather Make-Up Plan to be completed by each staff member.


  • Thanks to all who have donated to the Sunshine Club's second collection.
  • We have had 39 staff members donate $10 so far.
  • Please be mindful that these funds go towards retirement gifts and the costs for the Retirement Celebration - we will be honoring nine retirees this year and we want this to be a memorable event for them all.
  • The retirees being honored are: Susan Chappell, Patty Cheek, Sandra Fancher, Jaci Fukai, Chris Gabrielsen, Carolyn Johnson, Judy Tweed, Cindy Wawro, and Lori Weitzel.


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