Animals in Space

By: McKenna M V Stueck

The Secrets of Animals in Space

The animals that went in space are dogs, monkeys, cats, mice and much, much more. Animals went in space from 1950 to 2013! The animals went out of Earth's orbit. They went through a capsule. Some animals didn't make it, while others did.
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Why Did They Put Animals In Space?

Scientists wanted to test going in space on animals before they tested on humans, because they'd know it'd be safe and humans would not die. I think animals that went in space are heroes because, if they did not test it on animals no one would know the disasters and how dangerous it is.
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Why I Chose This Topic

I think animals in space are interesting because, they were brave and it proves animals are totally heroes. I like learning about the interesting animals and how they went in capsules instead of rocket ships.
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