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I got involved with this group at the beginning of the semester and it has been a life savior! This is a Facebook page strictly for FCS Teachers all across the country. Members of the group post stories, assignments, recipes, projects, videos, difficult situations, help questions, and anything you could ever think of.


This is an example of a post I commented on this morning. After being posted for only an hour it already has 11 comments of great ideas to help this teacher get through her predicament.

"Been teaching FACS 30+ years & have never had to deal with this this extent. Student left her RealCare Baby with others for a minute while at the lunch table. The babysitters
Took the opportunity to abuse the baby (hitting, punching, banging against table). We have the students on surveillance video, no problem identifying. I am livid, disgusted, mad, etc.
I'm not sure how to handle student discipline for all involved. We are a small school, administration is very supportive & will consider any suggestions I submit. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated. BTW...all involved were high school girls, & involved in my FACS Classes. Just so disappointed. TIA"

Great Idea

One teacher is offering extra credit to her fashion students if they watch an episode of project runway and write a reflection on it.
Project Runway: Season 14 Finale, Part 1 - On the Runway | Lifetime


The best part about this Facebook Page is that it is full of valuable information as well as helps me make connections to teachers across the country for growth in networking. I saved this page for my final reflection because it is the strongest tool I have used to date!