The Patriot Progress

C5 Upcoming Two Weeks: May 2-May 13

How Can We Impact Our Environment?

C5 Patriots are continuing their work focusing on environments. They are evaluating how we can have a positive or negative effect on our surroundings. Students have switched into a new group focus during project time. We are excited to rotate the groups, giving each student a new area to explore with this driving question.

This week we are featuring Ms. Glassford's project group. Students are completing a read aloud of the novel Longleaf by Roger Reid. This book is set in Alabama's own Conecuh National Forest. As students read about Jason's journey through Concecuh National Forest, they research all about the various animals one might find in this ecosystem. Students will wrap up this project group time by finishing Jason's adventure in the book and completing a research journal full of information and reflections about the ecosystem only a few hours from where we live.

Content Areas


Students are shifting their focus to opinion writing this next week in English! We are presenting topics to students that focus on impacting their immediate environment (Pike Road School). Students will look at example opinion articles on Newsela for a few days, then choose topics and brainstorm their own ideas. Ms. Rose or Ms. Glassford will sign off on the students' brainstorms before they can move to typing up the essay. Students will be using the OREO strategy to compose their own three paragraph opinion essay.

A great way to receive exceeding on this assignment is to have an excellent opinion essay with clear, strong reasons and evidence that extend into four or five paragraphs. This will be the last major writing component for this school year. Your students have truly come so far with their writing skills. Each of you should be so proud of the progress your student has made!


Community 5 is continuing to reteach and work in small groups for reassessment. We are also working with a great new resource called Front Row. You can check out this resource at to see what your student is working on. The students are using this website to review skills from this year and practice new skills.

We are also excited about the new book Bridge to Terabithia. We will be building different types of bridges in math to go along with this book. Please stay tuned for more information on this.


We are almost finished with our Variables unit in Science. Students will continue to discover potential and kinetic energy using airplanes and catapults.


Due to a few shifts in our schedule, we are stretching out our 1800's project for a bit more time. Students should be starting on their product - a presentation format that they are unfamiliar with - and we genuinely look forward to seeing what they have learned about their different topics.

Students should be considering which artifact they wish to include in their presentation. The artifact should be meaningful to their time period and their topic. We have decided that NO WEAPONS will be allowed to be used as artifacts. We so appreciate your help, and we hope you continue to have conversations with students about their favorite historical topics from this year.

Field Day

Thank you to volunteers and parents who donated snacks and drinks. Field day was a great success, and the kids had a blast!

Update on Potato Projects

Our potatoes have grown significantly since the day we planted. We are looking forward to harvesting them very soon!

Atlanta Field Trip

Friday, May 13th, 6:30am

Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA

Our FINAL Atlanta payment will be due this Thursday May 5th. A slip of paper with your balance was sent home last week. If you are unsure of how much you owe, please email us at

All attending students and chaperones will be receiving a packet of info on Monday May 9th. This will be sent home with students. Please be looking for it. It will contain important info regarding the field trip.

Bridge to Terabithia

Please don't forget we will be starting Bridge to Terabithia after the writing component. Students should have the novel by May 12. All of our content area learning activities will be designed around this book the last two weeks of school. Students will NOT have to read at home this time; we will be reading together in class. This book is available for purchase at the link below.

PRS Yearbooks

Pike Road Yearbooks sales will officially end Monday, May 2. Please don't forget to send in your money tomorrow if you would like to still purchase a yearbook capturing our adventurous first year at Pike Road Schools.