By:Ana,katherin,Nube and Micheal


Have you ever wondered what the 3 branches, democracy, or the bill of rights do? Well then you're in the right place, because we are going to describe what the 3 branches do.

The Executive Branch- Ana

The Executive Branch is important because they carry out laws from the President ,Vice President, and the cabinet which is also known as the adviser Every four years we vote for a new president, so he or she can lead the country . The President doesn't make laws himself or herself , first they tell the Executive Branch. To do that he or she has to help the Executive department and agencies. Executive department and agencies handle the daily work of administering.

Democracy and Bill of Rights_Katherin

Democracy is a very important part of our government and Country. Democracy is in charge of making justice or freedom for every people . Democracy is made out of the whole population of the county or the qualified by important members of a state. The government affects our lives every day by making sure that country is organized, for example the government is in charge of making sure that no one robs , makes sure no one murders someone , or any other criminal actions. One amendment that describes the bill of rights is that no soldier may go into your house without your permission. Another amendment is called bear arms it does .... My last amendment is that you can believe in any religion, and the government may not force you to accept another religious beliefs.


The Legislative branch that makes laws. Legislative branch is made out the congress, house of representatives, and the senate. The Congress is really the senate and the house of the representative. The senate is where there are two senators per country, so there are one hundred senators in total. The two senators represent their country. The people vote their senator who will serve their country for six years. If there is a tie the Vice President of the United States will vote. The senate is considered the most powerful out of the two houses.The house of representatives has at least one representative per state. The representative must be twenty five or older, and must have been a U.S. citizen for at least seven years or more. Also must be a resident of the state.


As a supreme Court you don't have too agree with each other. The supreme court solves more than 7,500 cases a year. As one of the Judicial you have a choice, you can either stay as a supreme court until you die or until you retire. To become a supreme court you will need to be trustworthy and dependable. The judicial branch decides on the laws and the rules of the Constitution. An important fact about the Judicial is that you decide if the laws go against the Constitution. What makes up the supreme court are the nine justices. The nine justices is where they accept the laws or decline the lines.


Finally we finished talking about the three branches like what they do and how they agree with stuff. Well now you now you must be full of information about the three branches and surprised that we kids wrote all this information about the three branches.