Kohinoor Knews

3rd Edition- March 2015

Maker Studio

We wrapped up our last term with a trip to ASB, where our students spent the afternoon as active participants in the Maker Studio. Students spent their time creating their own Scribble Bots and worked on building familiar monuments. We found that our students are very talented and some found the time to continue their work over the winter break.

Talent Show

The students, along with the help of their teacher Ms. Donnelly presented our first KAS Talent Show. The students worked really hard, and performed their best in front of their fellow colleagues, parents and staff. Students were presented with a small gift for being courageous, which is one of the IB Learner Profiles. We would like to thank the parents who were able to take time out and support the school and their children.


The students at KAS would have been remiss not to have enjoyed the splendors of colors that come with celebrating Holi. The day began with lots of color and water. Students and staff were singing, dancing and splashing the morning away. The afternoon was spent playing a BINGO and collecting the all too precious candy bars that were given away as prizes with each round. When evening rolled around the students were treated to a wonderful movie about the loyalty of a dog to his owner. It was an all around fun-filled day that was enjoyed by students and staff alike.

Lake Clean-up

Our students are still working hard on the Khandala Lake Clean-up project. They adopted the lake in November and they currently visit the lake two times per month in order maintain their initial efforts. The students have decided that they will collect plastic and glass bottles and take them to be recycled. With the money that they earn from recycling, they will purchase trash cans to put in key areas of the lake. Their service coordinator finds that each of the student performs their service with happy and joyous hearts. Keep up the good work!!!