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Big Ideas From Little People

September in First Grade

We met for the first time Monday, and are getting to know each other. The kids started with analogies and logic puzzles. They caught on very fast. This is going to be a group that will get a lot accomplished!!

Our second meeting was one filled with technology. The kids generated things they wanted me to know about them. They are turning this information into a power point. They learned how to insert additional pages and are getting all their information into the slides. They have learned how to right click to find correct spellings, and next week we will be learning how to import graphics.

We had two birthday boys already! We practiced our birthday song and took pictures as they wore our birthday glasses! Such a cute group!!

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Such cutie pies!

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We are so silly!

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Birthday Boys

Social Contract

We have been discussing what would make us feel comfortable and safe in my classroom. The kids brainstormed ways they would want to be treated, and we turned them in to our social contract. They did a great job generating their list.
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Onward to October!

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Have you ever wondered what happened to the three little pigs after the end of the story? Did the Big Bad Wolf really never come back? If he did, how would the three little pigs REALLY solve their problem?

We have been working on this problem in class. The kids have brainstormed what the pigs could do to really solve their problem. We needed to be aware of cost while planning our solution. It needed to be kind and humane, and it needed to really work. We think we have come up with a solution.

Next week we will be creating a project to share our solution using iPad apps. Stay tuned!

October Birthday Girl!

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What to look for...

Each 6 weeks, I will be emailing a GT progress report at report card time to let you know how your child is doing on different aspects we are working on in class.

We will be keeping you up to date with GT happenings through our monthly classroom smore.

Feel free to email me or call me any time. I'm always happy to visit with you about your child.