Pyjama Day

Raising money for mitochondria disease.

Mitochondria disease.

Mito disease is a rare disease in which your body doesn't produce enough mitochondria cells and you get very sleepy.

Amber Nelson.

Amber Nelson is a beautiful, funny, talented, and smart girl. but she has Mito and her body can't produce enough energy so she cant do things that everyday kids do.

It takes her brain a little more time to produce enough signals to her mouth if she wants to talk.

some facts about Mito

The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation says:

Some Mito Kids can suffer.

• lose their sight or hearing •

suffer muscle weakness and pain •

Be unable to walk, eat, swallow or talk normally

•have strokes or seizures

•Develop liver disease or diabetes

•Suffer heart, respiratory or digestive problems

•experience developmental delays or intellectual disability.