Intersession Information

GCPS Year-Round Schools

Does Your Year-Round Student Need Extra Help in Reading and Math?

Each year-round school will offer a remediation camp for students who may need supplemental instruction to improve in reading or math. The remediation sessions may last for one week or the entirety of the intersession period. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school for more information about remediation options during intersession.

Did your summer plans get cut short because of the year-round schedule? If so, don't fret... intersession is coming!!!!

The year-round calendar is designed to redistribute summer break throughout the school year. Many families may choose to spend the intersession periods enjoying family vacations, visiting museums, and more.

Want Some Enrichment During Intersession?

Some students may want to participate in learning opportunities, such as remediation camps or enrichment camps, during the intersession break. Although Granville County Schools does not sponsor, facilitate or administer any enrichment programming during intersession, we recognize that our parents may desire to enroll their child in intersession or track out camps. Our goal is to assist parents in becoming aware of potential intersession break option. Below, you will find a few enrichment options for students during intersession.

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Please note:

This is not an exhaustive list of intersession programming. Organizations may be added throughout the year.

Granville County Public Schools will not be responsible for the enrollment or payment for students who choose to enroll in intersession programming.

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