Elvis Presley

By: Victor Fernandez

Elvis Presley: King Of Rock

Elvis Presley was very famous from music to movies. Many people loved him mostly the young people and especially the girls. Elvis Presley got famous so fast that people went wild for him. But their parents thought he was 'CRAZY!' Fortunately that was not true .Elvis sang to show his emotion: happy, sad, angry, or even to laugh. What he was really known for was "Elvis The Pelvis" he could shake his legs or move his hips and everyone went wild. He originally shook his legs and moved his hips because he was really nervous when he we was on stage but people thought it was awesome so he kept it that way and got more famous.

Challenges Elvis Faced

Elvis Presley had many challenges to face. Many were simple, and some were extremely difficult including losing his wife Priscilla. He'd been so into singing that he totally forgot about her! So since he was ignoring her not paying any attention to her and he even fought with her that they just got a divorce. Another thing that Elvis had to face was his fame. Now everyone knows he's famous but since the Beatles were coming and Johnny Cash was really famous they just forgot about him. So in 1968 he made a big comeback which was really good and both bad. He was extremely chubby ( Seriously) he was all puffy and loved junk food such as a peanut-butter banana sandwich. His clothes were tight he droped down on the stage and sometimes forgot words! This was all harsh to Elvis but he still had hope that nothing will stop him.

Important Moments

Well Elvis had many moments. Man where should I start his movies were all great and his music was even better! He did this like he was born to do it, nothing could possibly stop him! His fans screamed at him of enjoyment. They all went wild when he shook his legs and more people started to love him especially from his movies! One of his best moments were probably his first time on stage. His legs moved like wild! People thought he did it because it was groovy but it was actually because he was really nervous. But since people were screaming like crazy he did it faster and started singing. This move was eventually one of his most famous moves. He was all happy his movies were good his music was better nothing went wrong so nothing could possibly stop him!

Fun facts

Well there are a bunch of facts that you don't know about him. lets start with the most obvious and continue on. Did you know Elvis was famous for his music? His hair was actually never black he was actually blond. But he dyed his hair black in high school. When he went to church he ran off his mom lap and sang with the gospel singers. What inspired Elvis for his music where Rythem & Blues. ( R&B) Because he loved black music. And one thing you probably never knew was that his favorite actor was James Dean. And for my final fact Did you know that Elvis did not want to sing in his movies?! He wanted to be like James Dean all buff and serious but the directors said that he was better singing than acting. o he went on as singing and eventually he liked singing in his movies!


Elvis Presley teaches us not only about reaching your goal because he is the King Of Rock'n'Roll. He spent many years trying to accomplish this goal making the right decisions, and be helpful to other people. And out of all that kindness, and his joking around he finally reached his goal. So other can do the same. But also he teaches about not being obsessed with your goal. i'm not saying it's bad to make a goal i'm just saying that you shouldn't be to obsessed with it. Because bad things could happen. Elvis Presley had many challenges to face for being so obsessed with his goal. Hmm lets see :he lost his wife, he also lost his best friends, he got chubby, his face got puffy., And he just cared about his money. But Elvis tried to solve this which he did he got into shape he did way more exercise. (trust me) And he made everything work out. So what i'm saying is you should always reach your goal which is a great thing, but don't get to obsessed with it or else... well you know what happened to Elvis but you should always reach your goal which is a great thing.
Elvis 1956 Hound Dog 'Live Steve Allen Show

Elvis singing hound dog one of his most famous songs ( P.S he sings to a hound dog).

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