Student-Led Conference

Brandon Ronan

My Growth

Dear Mom & Dad,

First, I would like to started out by saying thank you for time tonight. I really do appreciate it.

When I first started STEM, I didn't know what to expect. I never would've known that I would grow this much and in this kind of way. And I have evidence to prove that I've grown as a learner at the STEM center.

What To Work On

Strengths (social/academic)

  • I think about a question before I start to work on it. (academic)
  • I let people share their ideas with me, so then we can compromise both of our ideas. (social)

Weaknesses (social/academic)

  • I tend to have trouble listening (academic)
  • Sometimes, I end up rushing myself, and my partner(s) (social)

These are only some of the strengths and weaknesses I have.