The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

May 1, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

Happy Friday and Happy MAY!

What a difference the beautiful weather makes. Remember to capitalize on it and try to design a MEANINGFUL activity that incorporates being outside. How can you add movement, teamwork, thinking, listening and/or designing into your activity?

I have enclosed a picture of next week's forecast - it is awesome; start to think about how to make the most of it and how you can make learning purposeful and meaningful, but fun next week! Can you do a scavenger hunt for colors, parts of speech, animals, sounds, textures, or simply do some reading or sketching? The sky is the limit! Please think about taking a shift to tidy up the SNAP Space - the whole school will benefit and your kids will feel like a million bucks for participating in something important.

FINAL THOUGHT: I was wrong...

It happens every 5 years or so, but sometimes I'm wrong (yes, I'm being sarcastic). In a Friday Focus from earlier in the year I said that one tough part of our job is that we usually don't get to see the tangible results of what we do until the end of the year, or sometimes years later. But on a number of occasions this week, I had moments in which there was a tangible, palpable excitement that was evident right in the moment and that gave me chills. Yesterday was really busy. At one point, I hustled right from the 2nd grade concert (which was amazing) in order to see students on the back field working in teams to use iPads to scan qr codes to read websites in order to see if the predictions that they made about landforms were correct. Before I even got to the concert, I had a teacher stop me to tell me that she was visiting a colleague's morning meeting and that it was breathtaking because the students were really understanding some really complex current events, then had another teacher stop me to compliment the conduct and flexibility of a class and her colleague's ability to create such a positive classroom environment. Both unsolicited compliments.

The point is this - we are not just waiting for the future to see the 'payoff' of our work. It comes daily; in the form of a huge smile, or a complement or a student so excited to learn that they are practically running to get to the activity. Make it happen and enjoy it in the moment!

Thank you for all that you do. Let's make next week a great one. Aim to do something special and aim to share with those around you. Share what you are doing, and more importantly, share something great that you see someone else do. It is all around us.

I'm very proud of our school. Thank you.

Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!



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Week of 5/4:...Group 1 AM Car Line (Pacuta, Van Metre, Duncan, Vinch)

Screen Free Week

PARCC Mon., Tues., Wed.

Monday, May 4 – Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, May 5 – National Teacher Appreciation Day

Operation Dreamlift

Teacher Appreciation sponsored by third grade parents

Wednesday, May 6 – Aspiring Author’s Night

School Nurse’s Appreciation Day

Thursday, May 7 - AM Collaboration Mtgs. - K

Friday, May 8 – PTO Dance Party

AM Collaboration Mtgs. - 1st grade

Staff gathering On the Border, Route 1, Market Fair

Looking Ahead to Week of 5/11

Group 2 AM Car Line (Cherny, Colavita, Cimorelli)

Monday, May 11 – STEM Meeting (LES & BF @ LES) [swapped w/ Humanities]

PTO Meeting

Wednesday, May 13 – DEAC Meeting and Board of Ed. meeting

Thursday, May 14 – LTPS Staff Dinner at Mercer Oaks

AM Collaboration Mtgs. - 2nd grade

Friday, May 15 – Spirit Day Assembly/Spirit Day – Aloha

AM Collaboration Mtgs. - 3rd grade

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