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Updates from Principal Lynne Beattie - April 26, 2020

4/27-5/1 Weekly Overview

LINK HERE AFTER 4:00 P.M. SUNDAY to find out what's happening in each of your classes next week.

Connect with Teachers and Classmates Online!

This week we enter into the seventh week of school closure. It's a very strange feeling to spend most of our time at home or close by, not in the same place with friends or even some of your family, and, for students, away from your teachers. Adults, teens, and children alike are feeling disconnected while stay-at-home orders are in place and school is closed. It's important to take advantage of opportunities to connect with others.

At O'Maley, teachers are available to students in various ways and want students to join them. While lessons are provided so they can be accessed at any time of day through screencasts and assignments in Google Classroom, teachers make themselves available to connect via Zoom or Google Meet (and, of course, email) throughout the day.

Students should attend online meetings unless a family or work situation prevents them from doing so. Check the Weekly Overview for teachers' schedules and online meeting times. Try your best to be there.

Why attend online sessions?

  1. Online meetings are where class discussion happens; sharing ideas develops everyone's thinking.
  2. Questions are answered by teachers in real time. Even if you don't have questions yourself, hearing someone else's can provide information you may find helpful.
  3. Connection is super important, especially right now when we are spending so much time in isolation. Joining a Zoom or Meet is certainly not the same as walking into class, but it does feel kind of nice to see and hear other faces and voices.
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Helpful Tech Tips for Students

  • Use the Chrome web browser so that you have access to necessary extensions and apps.
  • Not sure how to link to Google Meets for your Class? See Ms. Crosby's video how-to.
  • Too many emails? Create labels in GMail to keep them organized. Link to Ms. Pinta's Video and Skills Sheet on how to create labels in your GMail inbox.
  • OR, if the email overload is from Google Classroom you can turn off those notifications. Just be sure to check Classroom daily for information and assignments.
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O'maley Thank You to Healthcare Workers

O'Maley Virtual Talent Show

Friday, May 1st, 12pm

This is an online event.

There is still time to sign up and participate! Sign ups have been extended until Monday, April 27th. Email Ms. White at marywhite@gloucesterschools.com to save your slot!

Everyone will be able to view the Talent Show and participate in voting! Instructions on how to register for viewing will be sent via email to all students and staff on Wednesday, and guidance will post instructions in their Google Classrooms.

Everyone is excited about this O'Maley Community Event!! Join us for some great entertainment!

Virtual O'Maley Academy

We have officially launched our virtual after school program!

Here is how it will work: No sign-up needed! Students access the enrichment activities through a Google Classroom page, and complete enrichment at their leisure. The goal is to stay connected and engaged with our community and have fun! As we move through the spring we will hold some Zoom or Google Hangouts video sessions, but they are not required.

Students who would like to participate in a Virtual Spring Session should can join the Classroom using the class code below. There will be 3 different virtual options, they can choose one or more to participate in!

Option 1- O'Maley Academy Virtual Drama Club

What to expect: Activities involving acting skills, dancing, and singing. ALL are welcome!

Class Code: xqt3kfl

Teacher: Ms. Lauren Horne

Option 2- O'Maley Academy Virtual Capture, Compose, Create

What to Expect: Activities that involve writing, expressing yourself using creative and visual arts, creativity is welcome!

Class Code: l5hhfq2

Teacher: Ms. Theresa Dannaher

Option 3 - O'Maley Academy Virtual Sports and Recreation

What to Expect: Activities to get you up and moving! Students with all levels of sports experience are welcome!

Class Code: z5xkqnk

Teacher: Ms. Hannah Dupre

Feel free to reach out to Allison Alves at aalves@glouesterschools.com with questions.

New Meal Pick-Up Location

New Location and Time:

  • The Heights/Pond View.

    Meals can be picked up at from the bus parked in the lower loop from 2:00 - 2:20.

Original Locations and Times:

  • Beeman and Veterans' Elementary Schools - Drive-up Grab & Go will be available from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm.
  • Veterans' Way – Meal drop-off will be from 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Willowood Gardens – Meal drop-off will be from 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm.

Remote Learning Page for Families

Link to access all of our links and detailed information about the remote learning program at O'Maley in one place.

Join the NEW Student and Staff Compilation - School Closure 2020!

The Student and Staff Compilation is a collection of creative contributions, a sharing of what we are all doing while we are out of school and an opportunity to connect. If you want to add your own slide, create a Google Slide in your school account, and email it to Ms. Beattie.

Guidance & Counseling Services

Please reach out to O'Maley counselors or use the information included here if you need family support.

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