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Week of December 7th to 11th

Feeder Pattern News

As you work on your January 4th and 5th PD campus plans, please consider the following expectations regarding PD days vs. Teacher work days.

PD Days:

January 4, 2016

Teacher Work Days:

January 5, 2016

June 3, 2016

You should have your ACP data results by the PD dates, therefore please schedule time to work on disaggregating the data to develop campus wide teacher and student support interventions, modify tutoring plans, and prioritize plans for Saturday school. On a different note, Rita will send out sample Winter break student activities for you to revise/modify and send home with students over the break.

Top Priorities for Principals and Assistant principals:

  1. Ensure that all required TEI observations are completed for every teacher this Fall.
  2. Prepare student activities to send out over the Winter break.
  3. Prepare for January 4th and 5th PD.
  4. Prepare for the Mid-Year Review.

Stay focused, courageous, and carry on with your mission.

Thank you y mil gracias!

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Instructional Corner

News from our Academic Facilitator Rita...

The mad closing of the semester and ACP weeks are closely approaching! I have had an opportunity to converse with most of the CICs this past week with focus on mid- year goal reflection. Please continue that reflection, feel free to share that practice in upcoming coaching conversations with teachers. Linked is another resource to propel those conversation and ideas for mid-year student reflection.

A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students | Edutopia

Blogger Maurice Elias offers up useful activities to help teachers and students reflect halfway through the school year.



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