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The Carver Chronicles is a newsletter designed to share and celebrate all of the great learning activities, extra-curricular events and awesome accomplishments that happen every day at Carver Middle High School!

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Carver Middle High School students, staff, clubs and events!

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5 Things you may not know about... Mr. Kerwin

  1. I have triplets. 3 boys/8 years old.
  2. I coach football for Carver High School.
  3. I grew up in Upstate NY.
  4. I spend my free time remodeling my house.
  5. People kept mistaking me for Mr. Schultz so I grew a beard!!!

High School Student Spotlight

  • Name: Zach Fisher
  • Grade: 11

  • Favorite class: History
  • Favorite sport: Track and Field (sprinting)
  • Hobby: Working out
  • Career interests: Anything health related
  • Accomplishments: Made USA Junior Olympic Team for Track and Field
  • Fun fact: Can catch a football while doing a backflip!!

Middle School Student Spotlight

  • Name: Kayleigh Friberg
  • Grade: 7

  • Favorite class: Math
  • Favorite food: Cold pizza
  • Favorite sports team: Patriots!!!
  • Hobby: Softball
  • Career interests: Entreprenuer

crusaders in (and out of) class!

Gregor the Gargoyle was a gift from a student who made him in Art class. His name changes year to year, depending on who he picks, but each year he decorates Mrs. Perkins's room, with other student artwork, and legend has it he protects his space from evil, as gargoyles do. This year, he picked Olivia Rush - their connection was instant - and he loves to sit on her desk in AP Language and Composition. It wasn't long before we found him just as protective of Bella Sheehan.

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Academics in full swing in Grade 8! Working together, using's all happening here!

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Miss Whipple’s period 7 Spanish 2 class having fun reading their first chapter of their first ever Spanish novel, Noches misteriosas en Granada. (No they aren’t reading the book upside down and backwards, there are two novels in the same paperback!)

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Pillbugs and detritus and worms - oh my!

Students in AP Environmental Science designed an experiment to investigate factors that might affect the rate of decomposition. They will be collecting data on their experiments over the next 12 weeks to determine whether varied temperature, light, and type of decomposer speed up the decomposition process. They will apply their knowledge to future studies of ecosystems and human waste.

Mrs. Cornock's Chemistry class learned about physical and chemical changes by doing some Tie Dye and ended the week with a mindfulness practice.

The Anatomy & Physiology classes built and dissected VEGGIE PEOPLE this week. They practiced cutting their specimens along the 3 major dissection planes and labeling the body regions.

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Half the fun was building each person, while the other half was in the slicing and dicing.

Don't worry our extra veggies weren't wasted we gave them to Franklin for lunch!

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Even though it’s a little early for snow, students in Mrs MacIntosh’s Bootstrap class used code to create a picture of a snowman.

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This week 7th grade comprehensive health students delved into the importance of Self-Esteem with a fun activity comparing Spongebob and Patrick. Like Spongebob the students were "Ready" to learn and have fun.

There was mayhem in Mrs. Carter's math classes this week. Adding Integer Mayhem that is. Students were moving around the room to select a green card with an integer problem on it and then returning to their seat to solve it. There were only two problems, one- if their partner was not seated, they could not get up and two- they couldn't look at the green card to see if they already had picked it. The goal was to be the first student to have answered all 30 integer questions.

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Mrs. Carter's 7th grade math classes were solving integer problems by completing a math scavenger hunt.

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In Mrs. Carter's 7th Grade Pre-Algebra class, students were solving addition and subtraction integer problems around the clock. Each student should arrive at the same answer for each time while completing a different question than their partner. Great practice before their first quiz of the year.

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The Pathways parents rocked following their child's schedule at our Open House!

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The seventh graders on Team Phoenix completing scavenger hunt stations in preparation for their short story unit.

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Here is Mrs. Young and her Advanced Placement Calculus class. In the short amount of time she has worked with this group, it is clear that they are not only mathematical rockstars but vibrant, fun, hard working, and supportive of one another. Mrs. Young looks forward to working with this class every day.

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The math department would like to formally challenge the science department to a Twitter challenge to see who can get the most followers by the end of the school year. We are interested in discussing a wager (should you accept this invitation).

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Mrs. Markram’s American Lit class enjoying some rich presentations and discussions on The Great Gatsby! Stress free! #stressballs #geekingovergatsby

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In Mrs. Kilnapp’s Mythology class students are currently studying the cosmic myths. Students chose to read about one of the following symbolic trees: the Cosmic Tree of India, Yggdrasil of Norse, or Fusang of China. They then explored the importance of each tree within its culture. Students engaged their imagination by creating a physical representation of the symbolic tree.

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Mr Cully’s US1 CP class explained the British response to tension in the colonies following the French & Indian War by playing pictionary! Competition was intense to place hidden messages in the details.

CMHS REads!!

Teachers and staff may soon be posting what they are currently reading! Here's to a culture of reading at CMHS! #cmhsreads

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Mr. Schultz started the year by challenging teachers to articulate their WHY: the sense of purpose the fuels their teaching. Some teachers have posted their Why outside of their classrooms. Here are a few examples from the English department.

Shout out to our newest Main office intern: Mark Korona!

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Mr. Schultz and Mr. Martin came outside to wish members of the Carver Special Olympics team well as they were heading off to an event in Lakeville last week. It's so wonderful to have their support!

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Passing time!

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after school clubs

Student Council held its first full council meeting after school... the Executive Board shared updates, discussed upcoming events and organized an improve your teamwork and commincation leadership workshop.

Also, congratulations to 10th grader Jaime Robinson who was selected as the September "Member of the Month" for her dedication and commitment.

The Caring Crusaders is a school based group dedicated to spreading awareness around substance use and addiction throughout our Middle High School and the community of Carver. The Caring Crusaders works closely with Carver Cares, a community based substance use prevention coalition whose mission is to provide education, increase awareness and prevent substance misuse.

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CMHS health Office

Health office staff Mrs. Showan & Mrs. Leahy work with all students in Grades 6-12. While promoting health & wellness, they are also available for students with illnesses & injuries that occur at school, as well as to help students manage chronic illnesses. The health office is also open to any student who simply needs to talk or find a safe place, whether for just a moment or for ongoing social emotional concerns.

They love to be involved with the students outside of the health office as well. Mrs. Showan serves as one of the Junior Class Advisors & assists Ms. Calvo with planning international trips. Mrs. Leahy works to coordinate the annual 6th grade trip to Camp Bournedale.

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crusader corner

The school store is now open for business. Stop by Crusader Corner, located in the high school lobby, after school to pick up your favorite snack or drink and check out the Crusader gear available for purchase. (Available from 2:05-2:30)

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yankee candle fundraiser

We are partnering with Yankee Candle® Fundraising to help support Crusader Pride and other Middle School celebrations throughout the year. They are the world's #1 candle brand

and they offer a wide range of premium candles, fragrances, and décor items at a very wide range of prices. But the most important thing to know is that a percentage of every sale goes to us! More information will be sent out next week. Thank you for your support!!


Here are the scheduled games for the upcoming week, weather permitting.

Get out there and cheer on Crusader Nation!

Monday September 23rd

Cross Country: vs. Norwell 4:00pm

Field Hockey: @ Plymouth North 3:30pm

JV Field Hockey: @ Plymouth North 4:45pm

Golf: @ East Bridgewater 3:30pm

Boys soccer: vs. Norwell 4:00pm

Girls soccer: @ Norwell 4:00pm

Freshman Football: vs. Hull 4:00pm

Tuesday September 24th

Field Hockey: @ Middleboro 4:00pm

JV Field Hockey: @ Middleboro 5:30pm

Wednesday September 25th

Boys Soccer: @ Randolph 4:00pm

Golf: @ Abington 4:00pm

Volleyball: vs. East Bridgewater 4:00

Thursday September 26th

Cross Country: @ Abington 4:00pm

Freshman Football: vs Cohasset 4:00pm

Volleyball: vs. Randolph 4:00pm

Girls Soccer: vs Hull 4:00pm

Friday September 27th

Football: @ Cohasset 7:00pm

CMHS 2nd ANNUal mattress sale fundraiser

On Saturday, September 28th, Carver Middle High School Athletic and Student Government Departments are pleased to host their 2nd Annual Mattress Sale! This sale was very successful last year in which they raised $2360 in 1 day. Spread the word to extended family, co-workers, neighbors and friends. You will be very surpised at how many people are in need of a mattress.

For more information: text "Carver" to 797979 for Facebook link #Beds4Carver

Counseling Corner

The school counseling team threw a thank you breakfast for the staff to celebrate a good start to the school year!

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Attention all Sophomores and Juniors! Last chance to register for the PSAT, come down to the counseling office ASAP! Don't miss this great opportunity to prepare for the SAT.

Student parking stickers are now available in the main office from Mrs. Doyle

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