RESCUE THE ..........WHALES!!!!!!!

What is whaling?

Whaling is hunting and killing whales for commercial . Once a massive whaling industries , providing for a range of industrial processess as immortalised Herman Movilles ' Moby Dick' , whaling is only by a handful countries .

Why do people participate in whaling ?

People participate in whaling to let the scientists research and Japan is the biggest part , it mostly participates in selling and buying meat . Using whales for research is not a really good excuse for Japan to use . But they need for religious stuff also there's a good thing when people spread out they stop it.

Why should whaling be stopped ?

Whales are the most kind and smartest animals on earth in the underwater ocean and are the most precious . Whales are collectively not killed (all of them ) because there are about 57 spieces . However in 2006 St. Kitts Nevis were dropped by a slim majority.

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