By: Alexandra Gore

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Bhutan Flag

The national flag is divided diagonally by two blocks of different colors with a white dragon across the middle. The top part of the flag is golden yellow, which represents the secular power of the king , and the lower part is orange, which symbolizes the Buddhist religion. The dragon, who represents Bhutan, holds jewels in its claws, which stand for the wealth and perfection of the country.

Bhutan Pyramid Population in 2014

Age structure: 0-14 years: 27.3% (male 102,196/female 97,923)
15-24 years: 20.1% (male 75,327/female 72,472)
25-54 years: 40.8% (male 159,868/female 139,236)
55-64 years: 5.8% (male 22,769/female 19,699)
65 years and over: 6% (male 23,153/female 21,000)
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Bhutan Culture

Druk-yul means "Land of the Thunder Dragon". Most Bhutanese refer to their homeland as Druk-yul, the original and still official name. Bhutan, the name given to the country by the British, the name that is most used for official and international business and reference. The name Bhutan may be derived from the ancient Indian term "Bhotania", which means "end of the land of the Bhots"

The economy is based on agriculture and forestry.Buddhism, was introduced in the 17th century, which is the official religion of Bhutan. Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy ruled by a heredity king, the "Druk Gyalpo". One of the largest annual festivals takes place on National day, 17 December, which commemorates the establishment of the monarchy. At this event, the king participates by serving foods and joining the attendees in games and dances.Bhutan suffers from a shortage of medical personal with only 65% of the population having medical care.
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Economics and Politics

Economics: Begining in the early 21st century, Bhutanese citizens were required to pay personal income taxes for the first time. In 2014, Bhutan announced plans to build hydroelectric power plants with India in he next few years. In 2014, the Bhutan news service announced a partnership with Japanese auto giant Nissan that would provide cars for the Bhutanese. The country announced in December 2013 the opening of Bhutans very first ice cream-production plant.

Political: National Assembly could impeach the king by 2/3 vote. Nearly 80% of the population turned out for the 2008 elections and ushered in an era of democracy.


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