there are different types of narrative's

there is scincefiction were some of the facts are true but the story is not true.


u can do anything with a fantasy u can make up any type of charter's its perfect for people who use there imagination to create a awesome story


Mystery is a type of crime in a story were people try to figure who did it in a story

Non fiction

Nonfiction is a type of story that has true facts and events with real people.

time travel

time travel is a movement in a different time period.

graphic organizer

it helps you write a story the way we whant it.

sensory language

hear,sight, smell, taste ,touch, you use all of these when your in different places.

1st person

  1. 1st person is someone in the story telling it in there point of view

3rd person

some on the outside of the story telling the story