The Jetliner

Updates from Adams Central Elementary April 2021

Thank You

I want to thank each of you for your support and kindness this year as we worked our way through changes and challenges. I am a firm believer that we always have a choice to see the negative or the positive in each situation. There are so many reasons to celebrate the 20-21 school year.

  • In-person instruction
  • New traditions and activities
  • Recess with peers!
  • Overall growth on NWEA

We were definitely #BETTERTOGETHER

Again, I say thank you!

Mrs. McCullough

Elementary Secretary Changes

Thank you to Liz Davis for her time with us in the elementary office. Liz will definitely be missed, and we wish her the best in her new job.

We are pleased to welcome, Mrs. Connie Geerken as the elementary secretary. You can reach Connie at 692-6629 or Feel free to stop in and introduce yourself!


We are excited that the new Pickup Pro system is up and running. This system will help us ensure that students are safely picked up each day.

If you have not completed a form and received a barcode for pickup, please contact your child's teacher and ask for a form to be sent home. Barcodes will carry over from year to year and only need to be changed when you get a new vehicle or when a change in pickup guardians is made. Parents/guardians will need to alert the office when changes need to be made.

We ask that elementary students are to be picked up in the elementary car line. However, if elementary students are being driven by HS siblings the elementary students will go to the cafeteria at dismissal and will need to be picked up by the HS sibling.

Thank you for helping us keep our students safe at dismissal.

COVID Guidance Remains the Same

As per Health Department guidance, schools are required to continue with the current mask guidance for the remainder of the school year. Students and staff will continue to wear masks while in school and on the bus. Daily sanitizing and spacing protocols and procedures will remain in place as well.



Parents, please watch for Individual Student Reports in the mail later this week. Reports will be mailed tomorrow, April 8.


Barring any unforeseen events, our ILEARN testing schedule for grades 3-5 will be as noted below. Please work to schedule all appointments outside of the April 20-May 14 window as students. All tests will take place first thing in the morning. Tests are untimed.

Testing is designed in two formats. The Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) is much like NWEA in which students choose an answer from a given set (multiple-choice, drop & drag, etc.). The Performance Task (PT) is an open-ended question and requires either a short answer or essay response from the student.

  • Practice tests will be held on April 5, 6, and 8.

  • Wednesday, April 21: Math (CAT) Grades 3-5
  • Thursday, April 22: Math (PT) Grades 3-5
  • Monday, April 26: ELA (CAT) Grades 3-5
  • Wednesday, April 28 ELA (PT Session 1) Grades 3-5
  • Thursday, April 29: ELA (PT Session 2) Grades 3-5
  • Tuesday, May 4: Science (CAT) Grade 4
  • Wednesday, May 5 Social Studies (CAT) Grade 5
  • Thursday: May 6: Science (PT) Grade 4

Headphones are required for a portion of the ILEARN test. Although headphones are sent at the start of the year, please talk with your child to see if his/her pair is still in working order.

VIRTUAL LEARNERS are required to test in person for both IREAD and ILEARN. Parents of virtual students can expect a call from AC staff later this week regarding testing dates and times.

For IDOE guidance click here.

Please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the office with questions regarding testing.

End of the Year Celebrations

As we near the end of the year, it is exciting to know that we can hold many of our end-of-the-year celebrations as COVID guidance has changed for after-school events.

  • Pre-school graduation information will be sent home soon.
  • 4th-grade will share their Indiana History knowledge at the 7:00 PM program on May 13.
  • Exciting news! Fifth grade will be celebrating in a new way this year. In lieu of an evening program, our students will be celebrating together as a grade with an afternoon of fun including a picnic lunch, games, and other activities.
  • Keep watching your student's classroom newsletters for more information.

Looking Ahead...

Thursday, May 13: 4th Grade Indiana History Program, 7 PM, more info. to come

Friday, May 21: Last Day of School

*Fridays at AC Elementary are Jet Pride Fridays. Wear your AC colors or apparel.*

Mary McCullough, Elementary Principal