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Winter/Spring 2021

Rocket Court-warming 2021

Court warming week was intense as the students competed for the most spirit! The theme this year was Space Jam. Between air rock, dress up days, and class banners, each class had one goal! That goal was to build up the most points for the week to claim the spirit stick!

The Seniors won the spirit stick, with the Sophomores finishing second, the Juniors in third. Freshman were the fourth place point winners for the week.

Rockets hosted Union Star Trojans on Friday night of court warming. Varsity Rockets beat Union Star 65-31. The varsity lady Rockets beat Union Star 44-41. Due to the future coop with Nodaway Holt, this was the final court-warming as the West Nodaway Rockets.

Coronation was held following the games. Attendants were Tyler Kirsch and Sydney Marriott (freshmen), Xander Kent and Emma Young (sophomores), Reagan Hagey and Wyatt Ingraham (juniors). King candidates were Damon Andrews and Grant Adkins. Queen candidates were Kaylee Emery, Emilie Ricketts, and Abby Bragg. Congratulations, Grant and Abby!

Elementary Cheer Clinic

Rocket Varsity Cheer Squad held the annual Elementary Cheer Clinic during the week of courtwarming. It was such an exciting week full of spirit! There were approximately 15 elementary students who attended the clinic. After a hard week of practice, the young cheerleaders performed cheers, jumps, and a dance at half-time during the boys game.
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Annual Fairfax Tournament

The varsity Rockets traveled to Fairfax, Missouri for the annual Fairfax Basketball Tournament. Varsity Rocket boys lost to the Wolves in the first tournament game 57-67, then won against the Knights in the second game 64-38. Final tournament play was against Nodaway Holt and resulted in a 73-47 victory.

The lady Rockets lost to the Wolves in the first game of the tournament 16-61. Their second game was played against St. Joe Christian and ended in a 25-49 loss.

Sports Jokes

What do you call four bullfighters in quicksand? Quattro Sinko.

Why did the basketball player go to jail? Because he shot the ball.

What do you call a pig who plays basketball? A ball hog.

Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? In case he gets a hole - in - one.

Why did the ballerina quit? It was tu-tu hard.

Rockets beat DeKalb on senior night

On February 16th, the Rockets hosted Dekalb for senior night and the score was 76-41. The lady Rockets put up a fight but ended up with a 36-61 loss. Senior Tyler Blay was honored during the game for holding the record for leading scorer in Rocket history. Senior Grant Adkins has been out with an injury but got his chance to score his final points on his last home game. Senior girls and guys were honored after the games. Happy tears were shed as the bittersweet feeling of playing the last home game as a Rocket became a reality. Congratulations and good luck to all senior athletes!

New co-op with Nodaway Holt

The new co-op decision has brought a new name, mascot, and colors to the community. The students and community members had the opportunity to vote on a choice of colors, name, and mascot. Nodaway Valley Thunder will be the new team name and the mascot is a charging bison. The unanimous result for the new colors is kelly green, black, and white. Go Thunder!!!

District Basketball Tournament

The Rockets defeated the South Holt Knights in the first round of district play 68-63. Rockets lost in the second round to the Mound City Panthers 41-93.

The Lady Rockets lost to Nodaway Holt Trojans in the first round 39-45. Both teams had a great season!

Opening Night For Baseball

March 22, 2021, the West Nodaway Rockets played their first baseball game against the King City Wildcats. The beginning of the game started off slow until the fourth inning when the Rockets scored the first point of the game on a base hit. In the fifth inning, the Wildkats scored making the game 3 to 1. In the sixth inning, the Rockets scored 2 points to tie the game. The Wildkats scored 1 point in the seventh inning to take the lead. The Rockets had a runner on third and first, but the Wildkats made the out right before the Rockets could score to end the game 4 to 3.

Didn't make it to the game? No problem! There are plenty of opportunities left to watch the Rockets in baseball action. Come on out and enjoy one of America's favorite past times!

Visit to The Maryville Daily Forum

The Rocket Reporter class visited the Maryville Daily Forum on February 17th. They learned how to organize articles and pictures for the newspaper. Many questions were answered regarding news stories, how to prioritize the news, and how each department works. The staff was very welcoming and it was a great overall experience.
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Something Different...

Ethan has been busy with creating some fun videos to add to this edition of Rocket Reporter. Check out the links below!