Civil Court Procedure

- Kirsten McLeod

Step One

The first step in the court case procedure is hiring a lawyer which files a complaint, which is a formal statement naming the plaintiff and the defendant, it describes a lawsuit

Step Two

The next step, is that the court sends a summons, which is a document telling the defendant of the suit against her, and orders her to appear in court on a certain day.

Step Three

The defendant may respond to charges, by having my own attorney answer to the complaint, the pleading is then made, which is the complaint and answer together.

Pre Trial Discussion

The Judge has two parties in a meeting to help clarify differences and prepare for the trial

Step Four - THE TRIAL

If the parties do not settle the case goes to trial. Both sides, (the jury and judge, and plaintiff) summarize their cases, the more preponderance of evidence, the more believable the case


The verdict is the closing decision which decides whether the person is innocent or guilty if a decision can not be made an arbitrator is called in for mediation. If they person doesn't like the decision, they also have the right to appeal it.