Historical Fiction

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, by John Boyne

Historical References: Explain at least 3 references to REAL Events in your novel. Use the novel to cite specific text examples as evidence for these references. Include the page number if possible and remember quotation marks.

(page 126 and 127) The book reference's the Jewish armband and the Nazi armband. Bruno, the main character says, "It's very nice. It's bright red with a black-and-white design on it." Talking about the Nazi armband. Shmuel told Bruno, "I came home from school and my mother was making special armbands for us from a special cloth and drawing a star on each one. Like this." and he drew the symbol

(page 31 and 32) they see the concentration camps. the book says, "About twenty feet further along from the garden and flowers and the bench with the plaque on it, everything changed.

Who are the main characters? Give an in-depth description of each of the characters, Include personality traits, qualities, and other specific details of the characters.

Bruno: open about his opinions, curious and always wanted to know what was on the other side of the fence. He was also friendly and wanted to play with Shmuel but on the same side of the fence

Shmuel: He is the boy in the striped pajamas and sits by the fence and Bruno finds him there. He's quiet and friendly to Bruno and becomes friends with him. He is also informational to Bruno by talking to him about why he is where he is and why he is in striped pajamas

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend the book? Why or why not? Clarify your point of view with 3 or more reasons. Support your reasons with specific examples from the book

I enjoyed and hated this book, and I would recommend it if you enjoy books based on WWII but it a downside to it is that it will make you cry because it is very sad towards the end. But it is a great story and you won't want to stop reading it. Finally, it will show you how bad the war was and you can learn a lot from it

What is the main setting of the book (location and time period)?

It takes place in "Out-With"

Time Period: The 1940's during World War ll

Explain some of the major problems the main character faced and how they were resolved?

One of the first problems Bruno faced was having to move. His dad had to explain to him that they moved because of his job and not to be concerned because they will be going back to their old home soon.

Another problem was, Bruno and Shmuel wanted to play on the same side of the fence.

So Bruno dresses up in the striped pajamas on the last day before he moves back to his hometown, and he goes to the other side of the fence with Shmuel and they end up having to march. They were sent to the gas chambers and Bruno was never seen by his family again.

Quotable Quotes: Find at least 3 memorable quotes that impacted you. Remember to use quotation marks!