Hades' immortal life

By Dylan j. Miller

Hades family

father: Cronus mother: rhea Spouse:Persephone children: zaguerus,melionie,macaria

Hades names

Dispater,orcus,proutou,cly menus,eubuelues,polypegmon. Roman name: Pluto

10 facts about hades

He stole his wife from the upper world.his throne is made of ebony.he has a cerberus as a pet that guards the underworld for him. hades has a few helpers thanatos,hypnos, and charon. he carries a scepter. many heroes have traveled to the underworld to question or free the shades. hades doesn't permit his subjects to leave his domain but on several occasions he has permitted some to leave.


Where the dead lie and where hades sits on his throne of ebony

why i chose hades/how I am like hades.

i chose hades because he is the god of the dead,wealth, and the underworld. and he has the best domain of all the gods. i am like hades because we both like wealth me and hm are the oldest brother both me and him have two brothers.