The 28th Amendment

By: Monica Somers

Lottery Jackpot could be used to help poverty

This Amendment would mean that the lottery sales will be only valid for a limited amount of time, If nobody wins the jackpot it will go up as usual, but after the limited time is up the jackpot that is reached will be used to help poverty and unpaid debt of the united states. During that same day the lottery will be reset.


This amendment would benefit all of the kids in poverty not just in the united states but in other countries as well, As well as help clear out the state debt which is at 16.3 trillion dollars.

How Will This Work?

The lottery jackpot could be setup to be during a specific amount of time for example 4 weeks, during that 4 week period people will be able to buy tickets, The more tickets bought, the more money generated. When 4 weeks is up, if nobody has won the estimated jackpot the money that was to be earned will be given to help people in poverty or help pay off America's debt. After making either action the lottery will be reset to a default of 500 thousand.