Important Rules For Web Designing

Important Rules For Designing A Website

Web designing Bangalore follows the simple rules of web designing to help its clients have a website that will bring them a professional look they have been looking for. There are certain basic rules when it comes to designing a website that should be kept in mind, like who are your clients, then the font used on the website, the graphics that are being used, the layout of the website or webpage and the advertisement of the website by the web design company.

All the details matters. All these small details when combined help in making a website. So, none of the above mentioned details can be ignored. A web development company has to keep in mind the basics like:

1. Using font that will be visible on all kind of browsers.

2. Keeping the layout simple. That means not using more than three frames in a single webpage.

3. Keep the whitespace. It is a CSS property but it does make a difference when there is content to be read.

4. When using the graphics in your webpage, the webpage should not get heavier because of the graphics.

5. Again, it is important to add relevant graphics.

6. The page should be light enough to load within seven seconds of being clicked.

7. Having a nice logo on the home page does make an impression on the visitor.

8. Always add link back to the homepage on the logo.

9. Keep the navigation simple on your website.

These are some of the very basic rules when followed will help your website to touch the heights of success.