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Upcoming Dates


October 19- Board meeting (Required attendance)

October 19th- First day of early voting

October 21st- Principal's meeting (Admin svcs)

October 27th- Board Work session

October 30th- Last day of early voting

November 3rd- Election day

November 11th- Early release

November 23rd-27th Thanksgiving holidays!!

#thankaprincipal breakfast

Well...... after all of your confessions about not reading the newsletter =) I was thinking of hiding a "if you're reading this you get a jean day" but I can't think of anything to give you! Wait! How about breakfast next Wednesday October 21st at 8:00 am. the breakfast is Just for you please tell your assistants not to come to the principals meeting until 9:00.

Awkward family photos

These awkward family photos serve the purpose to catch your attention so I know you are reading the newsletter because it is "awkward" when you don't. Catchy right?

Have a great week!