April 4th - 8th

Dear parents,

First of all, thank you for attending PT Conferences! It's always a pleasure having you here.

This week we have been focusing and questioning about the things that people throw away and their characteristics. As we keep studying about RRR, we will learn concepts and skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and even technology. We will also be developing thinking skills to observe, investigate, ask questions, solve problems and test our ideas.

We had a site visit to look for trash cans and recycling bins and found out that there are plenty of those around! We also found out that materials are separate into different categories and we are starting to classify them by what they are made of.

It is amazing to experience with the children their excitement and love for our environment and seeing them empowered by what they can do to support and take care of our planet!

These are some of the objectives we were working on this week:

-Demonstrates knowledge of pattern

-Uses number and concepts vocabulary

Week's Activities

Music and Stories

Digital Story: EDUC 6100: Michael Recycle
Music Video - The Recycle Song
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Friendly Reminders

April 27th Conscious Discipline workshop at 11pm

May 6th Art Show

Dear Parents,

The children are so impressed with all the activities they can make out of recycled material, and how fun and easy it is to create a simple game, toy, instrument, etc. The project we propose is simple and fun! Help them create any game they want related with letters, numbers, patterns, or rhymes using all recycled materials. There are so many ideas you can use: bottle caps, plastic bottles, even a pringles can! Make sure your child puts a name to the game, and attaches the rules /how to play.

If your child needs extra help brainstorming for a game show them pictures and have them come up with one. You can Google: Games or toys made out of trash or recycled materials and you will get so many ideas!

The idea is for each child to present their game to the class, and we will place them in our Toys & Games center for the rest of the class to use. If you can send it on Friday 15th, that would be great!

-Have them cut letters out of old magazines and newspapers and let them write their name, or words they are able to sound out.

-Try to read them a story at least once a day!!

-Visit the following sites:

On these sites your children will have the opportunity to play educational games and interactive activities for learning math, science, reading, language, social studies and more.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

We would love to see pictures of you and your children creating these fabulous games!!

Kind Regards,

PK.4 Team