Baltimore Riots

The Different Sides

What's Going on in Baltimore?

Riots have been breaking out ever since Freddie Gray, an African American teenager, was arrested on April 14th. Most of the riots started out peaceful until April 19th when Freddie Gray was announced dead. Gray suffered a spinal injury while under police custody, and that's when the riots turned violent. The police not able to fight back have just been defending them selves throughout the riots. Although the swat team has been asked to come and help control and simmer down the situation.

One side of the riots

Here it is shown that this woman is the victim of the situation. Most pictures on the internet make it seem like the people are the victim of the riots

The Other Side

The other side of the riots make the people that are rioting seem like the bad people even though they are fighting for what they believe in. Most of the media only shows the bad things the people of Baltimore have done.

Another Side

One other side the media shows is that the police is the victim here. Since the police hasn't fought back, it seems like they are the only ones getting hurt or fought at.

The Hidden Part of the Story

Not all the people of Baltimore have been rioting or adding on to the fire. Some people have done good. Also the media doesn't really show the peaceful protests, and the media doesn't show the good some of the residents have done.
Freddie Gray VIDEO: Police Arrest Healthy Black Man, Break His SPINE, Brutally Beat Him to DEAD
This video shows the biased side of where people are defending Freddie Gray.