Self Driving Cars

The Car of the Future

Rachael King

Period ½

Self-driving cars? Really? Yep, believe it or not self-driving cars will one day actually exist. It may seem impossible for a car to drive itself, but in a couple of years you may own a self-driving car! In this article you will learn about self-driving cars and how they help our community progress in technological advancements.

What is a self-driving car? Well, it’s what you think it is, a self-driving car. Recently, Google’s team of scientists has launched a new invention, the self-driving car. “We get a lot of thumbs up,” says Anthony Levandowski, one of the members of the self-driving car project. (Levandowski, 2012).

How does the car help our community? The self-driving cars are really as amazing as you may think. It can see things no human can, such as an oncoming vehicle or person. They never get tired or distracted and they don’t text or drink. Finally the car prevents accidents. So much good has come out of having self-driving cars.

However, operating them is a totally different story. The car can slow down to match traffic and to stay out of blind spots, it can slow down at a tight corner, and the car has detailed maps to help it navigate. Inside this car it has an $80,000 cone shaped laser mounted on its roof and there are radars in the front, back, and sides of the car.

As you can see self-driving cars are a thing of the future. But trust me, you may end up driving to work or school [college] everyday in one. So don’t be surprised if that’s what you get for your sixteenth birthday. Now that there are self-driving cars, what will be next?