Andros Coral Reef

Skyler Cox

Andros Coral Reef

Andros Coral Reef
Length: 124 miles (200 km)
Location: Bahamas between the islands of Andros and Nassau

The reef has 5 zones and they are the lagoon, the back reef, reef crest, innerfore reef, and outerfore reef.

Plants/ Animals

"There are over 164 species of fish and coral that make up the Andros reef community. These species are found in various densities along the reef. A few specific fish found in the Andros Barrier Reef are the Sharp Nose Puffer, the Rock Lobster, the Queen Trigger, the Flying Gurnard, the Green Turtle, the Blue Tang, the Reef Shark, the Black Hamlet, the Black Jack, and the Spanish Hog Fish. The different types of Coral in the Andros Barrier Reef are the Giant Tube Sponge, Sea Rod, Smooth Brain Coral, Deep Water Gorgonia, and the Staghorn Coral."

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